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Sony Xperia 1 IV 512GB 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone [U.S. Official w/Warranty] Cell Phones & Accessories

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The latest product boasts several features that make it stand out from the competition. With real-time Eye AF and object tracking, you can capture stunning photos and videos with ease. This feature works seamlessly with all rear lenses, ensuring that you get the best shot every time.

Another key selling point of this product is its bright 6.5” 4K 120Hz HDR OLED 21:9 wide display. You'll be able to see all your photos and videos in stunning detail and vibrant colors. Plus, with 4K HDR native 120fps video recording on all rear lenses, you can capture video footage that's as good as anything you'd see in a movie theater.

The form factor of this product is a bar, which makes it easy to hold and operate. And with a maximum display resolution of 1644 x 3840 pixels, you'll be able to see everything in crisp detail. The true optical zoom feature, which includes 85-125mm/16mm/24mm lenses, allows you to get up close and personal with your subject. And with 20fps HDR AF/AE, you'll be able to capture stunning photos and videos even in challenging lighting conditions.

For videographers and mobile gamers, this product also comes with built-in live streaming capabilities. This feature allows you to share your content with the world in real-time, making it perfect for social media influencers and content creators. Whether you're looking to capture stunning photos, record high-quality videos, or share your content with the world, this product has everything you need and more.


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